Tuesday, July 5, 2016

North East Ambulance Service offers end-of-life help - BBC News

Helping people get where they want to go -- an ambulance service will take people to hospice, if that is what they prefer, freeing up resources to be where they are most needed and helping people plan their end of life service needs.

"North East Ambulance Service's (NEAS) End of Life Transport scheme also helps patients plan where they want to go, such as a hospice, care unit, or home. ..Dedicated ambulances and specialist technicians, trained in end-of-life care, will operate the service..."Rather than detracting from the frontline, this service actually supports it by reducing the number of last minute calls to 999, which would have resulted in an emergency ambulance and where a patient would have been taken to hospital." A pilot scheme run from October 2015 to March 2016 was used by 1,037 people, with the majority taken from hospital to their home, and of those collected from home, almost half went to a hospice."

North East Ambulance Service offers end-of-life help - BBC News:

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