Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What I've Learned From Grieving Parents | The Huffington Post

Jessica Kidd founded the nonprofit Gracie’s Gowns to donate personalized hospital gowns to children battling life-threatening conditions. With years spent working in pediatric emergency services, Jessica realized that children would often go without clothing due to the limited sizing and harsh texture of hospital gowns. Inspired by Grace, a friend’s child battling pediatric cancer, Jessica began creating and donating customized gowns in kid-friendly sizes and materials. She writes in the Huffington Post about what she has learned. Highlights include:

"1. There is no correct way to grieve. Despite turning to elicit drug abuse, alcoholism, or any other addiction that puts ones personal safety in danger, no one can tell you how to grieve. Sure there are thousands of therapists and counselors, even many more thousands of self-help books, the personal accounts and suggestions of others, and the list goes on...but the way you will end up grieving the passing of your child is entirely up to you. 2. Grieving is not something negative. Not only is it not a negative, but it is healthy. It shows that you have loved your child is such a way that no one else could. Grief doesn’t always come out all at once, in fact it usually comes out in bit by bit when certain moments, songs, smells, memories, and even just hearing their name triggers it. It’s okay to take that moment to feel that pain all over again. Try to appreciate those moments. 3. Home is not a location, or even an address. Many of you reading this your home wasn’t one particular place, in fact, home was found wherever you felt the safest, the place that brings to surface the emotions you’ve buried, and even brings back the memories you may have forgotten. PTSD is real in parents of children with complex medical needs, but as much as the hospital setting triggers those emotions, it is also the place many call home. The memories are bittersweet, the emotions are real and very raw, but within those walls were also some of your greatest victories."

What I've Learned From Grieving Parents | The Huffington Post

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