Thursday, October 8, 2015

As I lay dying - LA Times

 "Promise me, I told my friends and family, that you'll never say that I died after “fighting a courageous battle with breast cancer.” This tired, trite line dishonors the dead and the dying by suggesting that we, the victims, are responsible for our deaths or that the fight we were in was ever fair.

Promise me you'll never wear a pink ribbon in my name or drop a dollar into a bucket that goes to breast cancer “awareness” for “early detection for a cure,” the mantra of fund-raising juggernaut Susan G. Komen, which has propagated a distorted message about breast cancer and how to “cure” it."

Laurie Becklund also calls for less money for "awareness" and more for data-driven research.  And not telling patients that they have "failed" therapies or "lost the fight."

As I lay dying - LA Times

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