Friday, October 9, 2015

How hospices care for the dying - BBC News

"The UK has been named as the best country in the world at providing end-of-life care. Much of this work is done by hospices. How do they bring comfort to patients and their families?...It's currently Hospice Care Week and the Economist Intelligence Unit has named UK end-of-life care the best in the world. About 30% of people dying the UK receive help at some stage from hospices, with about one in 10 people dying in one of the beds they provide. Many of the remaining patients die at home.

As well as end-of-life care, hospices provide palliative care, controlling symptoms such as pain or breathlessness early on in an illness, and respite care - admitting the patient for a period so that relatives get a break from looking after them. They offer work-shadowing experience to NHS doctors and nurses."

How hospices care for the dying - BBC News

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