Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Inspired Funeral

"Planning for your own death and getting acquainted both with what is traditional and what is newly possible in today’s end-of-life rituals can be a spiritual practice that helps you face your own mortality with courage and in a way that reflects your most deeply-held values. Sadly, people who postpone funeral discussions are too frequently confronted with decisions involving thousands of dollars as they hold tissues in their hands.

Join journalist and NY-licensed funeral director Amy Cunningham as she explains fascinating (uplifting!) new trends in today’s funeral business and offers timely, helpful information on such topics as: how to plan a reasonably-priced, back-to-basics funeral or memorial service; the “green burial” movement and green cemeteries near New York City; new thinking on the burial shroud; cremation’s pros and cons; biodegradable caskets; blended-faith/alternative ceremonies; and much more."

The Inspired Funeral

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