Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Good Death Checklist

"he three most important factors according to all of three groups were:

  • Being pain-free 
  • Feeling "at peace" and in a good emotional head space 
  • Dying in a location where the conditions are ideal for the patient, whether that's in one's bed with family around or the hospital with doctors nearby 

The others were:

  • Feeling ready to say goodbye and accepting that this really is the end instead of wishing to prolong it 
  • Having a sense that there is a purpose of life and that it's been fulfilled, regardless of whether one is religious or spiritual 
  • Having treatment preferences met (e.g. no heroic measures, pain-relieving palliative care) Having the people you want around you 
  • Feeling that a subjective definition of "quality of life" is met (e.g. being home versus being at the hospital) 
  • That a subjective definition of "dignity" is met (e.g. control and agency over oneself, being respected and not ignored) 
  • Having a good relationship with the health care provider"

A 'good death' by going gentle into that good night - CNN.com:

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