Thursday, June 1, 2017

Rituals to Express and Process Grielf

Embracing Personal Rituals

A while back we asked WYG reader to share their personal rituals on our Facebook. We got so many amazing responses, things that speak to the unique and individual nature of the rituals that mean something to us. I’ve got lots of little ones, like the fact that I never turn down a piece of coconut cake. Whether it’s at a restaurant or a coffee shop, if it’s on the menu I order it. Because coconut cake always reminds me of my dad and family and childhood (even though I didn’t really like coconut cake then) so it is my own little private ritual, that can happen almost anywhere.

Rituals people mentioned included drinking coffee from a late spouse's mug, celebrating the birthday of a daughter who died at 16 every year by eating her favorite dessert, and wearing the bracelets of a mother who is no longer here to family events she would have loved.

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