Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An Open Letter to a Recently-Bereaved Mother | Headspace Perspective

From Leigh:

One day at a time.
Don’t expect too much of yourself.
Whatever is right for you, whenever is right for you.
Find people you can trust to confide in, or just to listen.
Be open and honest with your partner about your feelings, no matter how much it may cause extra tears – you need to be honest so you can support each other.
Find a way to express your grief – whether that is drawing, writing (on a blog or in a private journal), talking to someone, raising money for a charity.
Try to be gentle to yourself, and take time for self-care. Grief is exhausting, meaning you need to find ways to recharge your batteries.
Take time for your grief – ignoring it does not make it go away (as I discovered to my cost).
Being selfish when you need to be is acceptable – often life after loss is about personal survival.
There will be days when just getting out of bed is an achievement – and there will be days where you feel you can take on the world.
Bad days can come from nowhere.
You are not a bad person. You deserve love and happiness, even if it may take time to return, take a different form and be fleeting.
There is no ‘normal’, no better. Just different.

An Open Letter to a Recently-Bereaved Mother | Headspace Perspective

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