Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letting Go and Moving On | A Father's Loss

 "Let’s look at letting go

I will say that you will never let go. This is a bad way to put it. When you say letting go makes it sound as if you are going to let go of that person and not think of them again. In other words let's look at it this way:

Letting go of the pain

Letting go negative thoughts

Letting go of the people who don’t understand you

Letting go of the walls you have put up

Letting go of the hurt that others have cause you

Letting go means you can forgive

Letting go doesn’t mean we forget

In other words say that you are letting go of everything that has to do with the circumstance surrounding your loss, not your loved one.  They will always be with you. Keep them close in your heart and thoughts."

Letting Go and Moving On | A Father's Loss:

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