Saturday, August 29, 2015

Raging as My Sister's Light Dims - Sara Lukinson

 "So, when people say, cherish every moment with your sister, she is still very much alive, it’s a lot of crap.

You watch her smile and stumble through the hallways, be patient through long rounds of needle jabbing, machine poking and fear-inducing lab reports. What kind of day is that?

When it’s all over, I know, from unwilling experience, I will cherish the hours of just being in the same room with her. The boredom and the terror will have evaporated and the sweet effortlessness of being together will remain.

But being in it is a slow dance in hell. You are helpless, you are afraid, you are restless and impatient. I want to be outside the circle of fire that rings our campsite, to run away and have it be back to normal."

Raging as My Sister's Light Dims - The New York Times

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  1. Sara, your article "Raging as My Sister's Light Dims," articulates EXACTLY our storming and conflicting emotions as we witness our loved one with one foot in the "here", and the other foot on the "not here".