Sunday, January 10, 2016

12 Loving Ways to a Beautiful Death

A very useful list.

"Since you don’t know when the summons might come, your first list is the early list: things you should get out of the way from just about the time you’re old enough to be pulled over for drunken driving. This includes creating your last will, your living will, and designating the ones to carry out your wishes. Just remember, you’re never too young to create a will.
The second list will include things that will change grow and evolve throughout your life — such as possessions, passwords, software serial numbers, investments and properties.
In the third list will be things that grow with the passing of years. The older you get, the longer will be the list of people you’ve hurt, offended, shouted at, helped or hammered; and people who’ve walked over you, stabbed you in the back, betrayed you or walked over you. Equally long might be the list of strangers who were kind to you, people who came into your life like angels to save you, or people who you reached out in their time of need. This is the list of gratitude, regrets, and forgiveness.

12 Loving Ways to a Beautiful Death — Life Tips. — Medium

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