Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Final Hours Before Death | Barbara Karnes Books, Inc.

How to help at the end of life.

"I have noticed concern by medical workers as to what to do during the
hours to minutes before death. Here are some ideas to consider.
When the patient is hours to minutes before death they may be
experiencing some or all of the following things. Not responding to the
environment, mottled, breathing irregular, maybe breathing like a fish, slight
agitation, murmuring words but not making sense. Family and significant
others are gathered in anticipation of death occurring soon.
What do we as professionals do to assist the family in having a positive

I especially like these ideas:

* If labor (those hours before death) becomes long I would encourage the
family to share stories, look at scrapbooks, and reminisce while in the
room. Have a normal, natural family gathering.
* Explain that we have some control over the time that we die. If you are
with someone when they die you are there because they want you there.
If you are not, even while you tried to be, then know you were given a gift
of love and protection.

The Final Hours Before Death | Barbara Karnes Books, Inc.

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